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My mom Edith Pearl Larson Johnson passed away on November 11, 2015 at age of 73 and was born on 5/15/1942 and was still very young for her age. 
The last time I seen my mom was in in September 2015 that is when I taken the picture you see now of my mom Edith Pearl Larson Johnson. My mom was born 
in International Falls Minnesota and my mom had a sister also passed away few years back. mom had a sister Vivian(my aunt) and a Brother Elmer(my uncle) Jason Larson 
my first Cousin was watching out for my mom as she passed and I just wanted to say thank you Jason for looking over mom while she was in Washington state.
I MISSING YOU MOM...its been hard now you passed I was always trying to call you and I would hear your voice mail massage and I would leave a Massage hoping
you would return my calls? and one day moms voice mail was disconnected. Then reality kicked in and I realized mom was truly gone. Mom maybe gone from earth but mom 
 will always be in my heart, my mind, my soul and my memories. I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU MOM WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH. We lived in Minnesota for a while when I 
was 4 years old. then we moved out to eastern Oregon in Enterprise, Oregon when i was about 5 or 6 mom got ill and I ended up in foster care with my sister Christine
my Brother Robbie so we ended up having visitations from well fair services (foster care). So I lost my Childhood with my mom growing up but MOM will always be my mom
now i look back its still AWESOME MEMORIES I had of my mom even if it was shortened due to foster care. all I want to say last is I LOVE YOU MOM AND MISS YOU AND SEE YOU

5/15/1942 to 10/11/2015 










October, 1975

My brother Jamie Christopher Johnson passed away about October, 1975 in Intl, Falls Minnisota on a cold winter day me and my brother were walking not sure if we were
walking home or to store any ways i was about 5 years old and my brother Jamie was about 7 years old. My brother and I come across an old abandand swimming pool that was
shutdown or closed down to be destroyed with still water in it and all fenced up. my brother Jamie decided to clim the fence and jump over and walked over to the pool side
side and stuck is feet in and said "Jeff come on just clim the fence" I told jamie I cant clim and and as he turned his back on towards the pool Jamies sliped and feel in
and Jamie bumped his head at the time he fell into the dirty abandand pool. I started running home crying all the way home I ran passed the fire station home to mom.
latter when i was older my mom kepted the old newspaper clippings as I read it the paper said I walked past to the fire station and the paper said if i stop at the fire
station Jamie would still be alive today. But in my memorys I ran all the way home right to my moms arms crying. so I was thining if i stoped at the fire station Jamie would
still be alive today. but as I was 5 years old so all i was thinking was running home to my mom. any kid would. any ways I JUST WANTED TO SAY JAMIE CHRISTOPHER I LOVE YOU BRO.
AND YOUR ALWAYS IN MY HEART AND MY MEMORIES. I see you soon bro. and least you can see your mom Edith nows hugs JAMIE CHRISOPHER JOHNSON your litte brother DJ ROCKN JEFFREY loves 
you soo much!!!!!!!!!!!

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